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Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses The Game beauty and Charming Barbie appears this time in a role of princess Jeneveve which lives as always in the fine and very protected lock with eleven sisters all which another is lovelier, all princesses love and adore dances, and all princesses are favourite by the father the king of the fantastic country. All it proceeded long or has taken a dislike to Brabi, this time boring Rovena a little but when to them on a visit there comes the daddys cousin, that sorcerer which games in other parts, all sharply changes in a palace balls. Barbie stars as Genevieve, one of twelve princesses who live in a castle with their widowed father, King Randolph. The princesses have adventurous and free-spirited natures that are viewed as unladylike and non-proper by other members of the royal society. This leads King Randolph to summon his cousin, Duchess Rowena, to the castle to help raise the princesses. Unbeknownst to King Randolph, Rowena plans to poison him and get rid of his daughters so that she can become queen. Attempting to break the princesses spirits, Rowena makes their lives miserable by stripping the castle of everything they love, banishing singing and dancing. The princesses find comfort in their late mother's favorite story, which tells of a magical kingdom where golden flowers grant wishes and princesses can dance at an enchanted pavilion for three nights. The princesses realize that the story contains clues on how to enter the magical kingdom from their own bedroom, by dancing on specific stones on the floor from oldest to youngest. Now inside the magical kingdom, the princesses discover that the water there possesses healing properties. Lacey then uses some water brought back from the magical kingdom to heal their dying father. When he heals, King Randolph explains that Rowena had been poisoning him and apologizes to his daughters for not believing them. With the conflict resolved, Genevieve and Derek celebrate their wedding.
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System Requirements
► Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 / 10
► Processor 1 GHz or better
► 512 Mb RAM
► 390 Mb of hard drive space
► 32 Mb of video memory
► DirectX 9
► Soundcard
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