Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64-bit Download for PC

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Unveiled on September 30, 2014 as a successor to Windows 8.1, it is scheduled to be released in 2015, and is currently in public beta testing. First presented in April 2014 at the Build Conference, Windows 10 aims to address shortcomings in the user interface introduced by Windows 8 by improving the user experience for non-touchscreen devices (such as desktop computers and laptops), including a revival of the desktop Start menu seen in Windows 7, a virtual desktop system, and the ability to run Windows Store apps within windows on the desktop as well as in full-screen mode. Windows 10 will also mark the culmination of a plan by Microsoft to unify the Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows Embedded product families around a common internal core. Windows 10 user interface changes its behavior depending on the type of device and available inputs, and provides transitions between interface modes on convertible laptops and tablets with docking keyboards. When a keyboard is attached, users are asked if they want to switch to a user interface mode that is optimized for mouse and keyboard, or stay within the touch-optimized mode. Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12. Unveiled March 2014 at GDC, the new version aims to provide "console-level efficiency" with "closer to the metal" access to hardware resources, and reduced CPU and graphics driver overhead. Windows 10 adds platform-level support for the FLAC, HEVC, and Matroska media formats, allowing them to be opened in Windows Media Player and other applications natively.

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