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The Thing (known as Yuusei Kara no Buutai X Episode 2 in Japan) is a 2002 third-person shooter/survival horror video game developed by Computer Artworks and published under the "Black Label Games" banner, a collaboration between Universal Interactive and Konami. It was released in North America for Windows and Xbox, on August 20 and September 3, 2002, respectively. The game is a sequel to John Carpenter's 1982 film, The Thing and follows the story of Captain Blake, a member of a U.S. Special Forces team sent to the Antarctic outpost featured in the film to determine what has happened to the research team. The game was endorsed by John Carpenter, who appears in an uncredited cameo. The Thing received positive reviews and sold very well. A sequel was in the early stages of development, but was cancelled when Computer Artworks closed down in 2004. The basic gameplay in The Thing is that of a standard third-person shooter; the player character can run and shoot, strafe, crouch, interact with the environment, interact with NPCs and use items, such as flashlights, fire extinguishers or flares. The player also has the option to enter first-person mode for more accurate targeting during combat. When in first-person mode, the character cannot move except to side-step a little to the left and right. Weaponry includes pistols, grenades, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, grenade launchers and fixed heavy machine guns. Other items which can be found during the game are health packs, explosives and ammunition, portable blood test-kits and adrenaline injections. Enemies come in three main varieties. Scuttlers are small Things formed from the limbs and appendages of infected personnel. They are fast but weak, and can be killed simply by shooting. Walkers are larger and much stronger. To kill them, the player must weaken them using gunfire before then using the flamethrower to finish them off as only fire can completely kill Walkers. Bosses are larger and much more powerful than Walkers, and although each one requires a specific strategy to defeat, the principle is the same; weaken it with gunfire before burning it.
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System Requirements
► Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
► Processor 800 MHz or better
► 128 Mb RAM
► 350 MB of hard drive space
► 32 Mb of video memory
► DirectX 8
► Soundcard
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