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Game Information
Dark Fall 3 Lost Souls is a 2009 first-person horror/adventure game developed by Darkling Room and published by Iceberg Interactive for Microsoft Windows. Lost Souls uses a simple point-and-click interface to move the player around and manipulate the environment. Contrary to a lot of modern adventure games, but similar to the first two installments, Lost Souls does not keep note of any information or clues to puzzles that the player comes across during the game, effectively forcing the player to keep track of every puzzle or detail themselves. The game is set in the Dowerton Train Station and Hotel from the first Dark Fall game. Several years have passed, and the location has fallen into an advanced state of disrepair. The protagonist of the game is "The Inspector", an unnamed disgraced police officer who was dismissed from the force after tampering with evidence in the case of a missing child, Amy Haven, who disappeared the day she was expelled from school on her eleventh birthday. Amy's family blamed The Inspector for failing to find her, as he planted all evidence related to the chief suspect, Mr. Bones, who was subsequently released without charge. The case never left The Inspector's mind however, and now, five years later, his search for Amy has led him to Dowerton Station, after several local teenagers have reported seeing her in the vicinity, watching them from the forest surrounding the platform and hotel. It is subsequently revealed that The Inspector himself murdered Mr. Bones, convinced of his guilt, but unable to prove it. Shortly thereafter, Echo reveals that he is actually The Inspector's conscience. The Inspector thinks back to the interrogation of Bones, when he said Amy was with her angels, who came to her "in a dark light." Amy then appears to The Inspector and tells him that she wants to go home, but someone must stay behind in her place to look after her sisters, who are in fact three dolls. The player has the choice remaining behind or not. If the player stays, Amy says "the Dark Fall is now," and The Inspector is consumed by the Darkness as Amy laughs. If the player refuses to stay, The Inspector wakes up on an operating table as a doctor assures him he is going to be okay. In the background, Amy can be heard laughing.
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System Requirements
► Windows XP / Vista
► Processor 2.5 GHz or better
► 750 Mb RAM
► 1.5 GB of hard drive space
► 128 Mb of video memory
► DirectX 9.0
► Soundcard
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