Egyptian Pyramids 3D ScreenSaver Full Version Free Download for PC
See the greatest Pyramids of Egypt along with the magnificent statue of their silent guardian – the Sphinx. What are these? The mysterious tombs of the powerful pharaohs erected by the arduous toil of thousands of slaves or inconceivable structures put there millennia ago by aliens from space, the purpose of which remains hidden from us to this day? Take a closer look. Perhaps you will find some clues in this awe-inspiring 3D screensaver.
Theme Music
► Full 3D environment
► High-quality animation
► Extremely realistic, colorful graphics
► Wide variety of scenes and settings
► Excellent music and sound effects
► FPS counter
► Digital clock
► Synchronization of daytime and nighttime scenes
► One original Wonder of the World in magnificence
► Explore the mysterious pyramids of Egypt!
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