Around the World Rome 3D ScreenSaver Full Version Free Download for PC
Travel back in time and marvel at the glory and splendor of Ancient Rome by day and night. Take a glimpse of the magnificent Colosseum, the greatest amphitheater of antiquity. You’ll be charmed by the peace and serenity of the Eternal City as the night descends on its seven hills and the bright silent moon illuminates its graceful statues. Enjoy the beauty of Rome with its picturesque landscapes and architectural masterpieces.
Theme Music
► Extremely realistic colorful graphics
► Styled music and natural sound effects
► High-quality animation
► Find yourself in the heart of the Eternal City
► Digital clock
► FPS counter
► Majestic beauty of the Colosseum by day and night
► Change of weather: sunshine and rain
► Most famous attraction of Rome on your desktop
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